About Serve West Dallas

Vision: To see a spiritual, economic, social and physical transformation of West Dallas. Mission: To create and oversee strategic initiatives that address gaps in services to help meet the needs of our West Dallas neighbors and show the love of Christ. by

Encouraging Collaboration

We work to encourage broad-scale collaboration between partnering agencies, neighborhoods, and Dallas area churches by creating collaborative projects that encourages them to work together and promoting any of their collaborative events that are already set in motion. Collaborative rather than individual efforts result in greater social change and a collective-impact rather than an isolated-impact.

Providing Networking & Raising Awareness

We strive to introduce and provide expertise, training, efficiencies, contacts, and economies of scale, including conferences, training events, a networking resource group, as well as recruiting Dallas professionals to share their services and expertise in West Dallas and helping promote and communicate service opportunities in West Dallas. We strive to increase awareness and build a network of advocates for the work being done in this community.

Attracting Resources

We attract in-kind, human resource (volunteers) and financial assets for the benefit of our Ministry Partners. We hope to help fill in any gaps of their organizations through recruiting volunteers to serve with them, sourcing in-kind items and services that are needed but not in their budgets, and creating awareness of the progress of West Dallas’ through ROI studies.