Why West Dallas?


(compared to Dallas)

However, the future for West Dallas is looking bright. Awareness of,resources to, and support for West Dallas are becoming more and more prevalent, along with a myriad of nonprofits working hard to help break the cycles of generational poverty and give hope to the neighborhoods of West Dallas.

Stats from the Texas Education Agency (Academic Excellence Indicator System) and 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Bureau

About West Dallas (WD)

West Dallas, 75212 — Bounded by downtown Dallas to the east, the Trinity River to the north, Loop 12 to the west and I-30 to the south–is considered one of the most economically disadvantaged communities in the U.S .

Approx. 65% of freshman attending high school in WD drop out prior to entering the 12th grade, approx. 50% of all students live below the poverty line and approx. 86% of all students are economically disadvantaged.

67% of the adult population has less than a 12th grade education, 35% of that has less than a 9th grade education, and only 2% of the WD adult population has a college education.