Faith Community Health

An initiative of Serve West Dallas

What is Faith Community Health?

FAITH COMMUNITY HEALTH (FCH) is a joint initiative between Baylor, Scott & White, Children’s, Methodist and Parkland Hospitals or Healthcare Systems to offer assistance to our community’s residents. 51% of our West Dallas residents use the ERs of Children’s, Methodist and Parkland Hospitals for their primary care — returning frequently to area ERs to be re-admitted for the same health needs. Why does this matter? It is expensive, time consuming and does not provide optimal healthcare with a sustainable continuum of care. FCH is a better way to meet the needs of our neighbors. Our goal is to help people reach optimal health by infusing faith communities with healthcare in order to provide more effective patient navigation, education, and support…all with hopes of ultimately creating a healthier West Dallas community.

Opportunities to Engage

TRAINING & PAIRING PROGRAM: For those who struggle with illness, resource gaps and loneliness.

HEALTH ASSIST PROGRAM: Hospitals will help a Faith Community Caregiver provide education, healthy screenings and wellness programs — all to help promote healthy living.

Proven Principles

The Faith Community Caregiver program extends assistance based on these four principles:
RIGHT DOOR: Providing and educating patients on the most appropriate location to receive health care treatment.
RIGHT TIME: Educating and equipping individuals with information to help them recognize symptoms early.
READY TO BE TREATED: Help people to be prepared to share with their health care provider symptoms, medication and home remedies.
REASSURED: Treating people with compassionate care, assuring them that they are not alone.

How Can Your Congregation or Community Benefit?

HIGH-RISK MEMBERS: Helping those who struggle with illness or loneliness by offering a trained volunteer, or Faith Community Caregiver, who can assist their needs and provide resources and support for one hour per week.

CONGREGATIONAL WELLNESS: Encourage and guide the congregation toward physical, mental and spiritual well-being through wellness programs and screenings.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & OUTREACH: Provide support to neighbors and church members through your church volunteers, to offer a helping hand.

Why We Do It…

51% of residents of West Dallas use emergency rooms for primary care which comes at great cost — not just to our residents, but to the hospitals as well.

Who are the Faith Community Caregivers?
  • A compassionate caregiver who offers companionship and ministry of presence to the vulnerable population suffering from loneliness and health care gaps for one hour per week.
  • A trained volunteer who looks for potential safety issues in the home, as well as assesses for enhancements that may improve quality of life.
  • A resource navigator and connector who assesses the patient’s needs and utilizes community resources to fill the gaps in care. These range from food sources, housing needs, medical equipment, toiletries, laundry services and much more!
  • A healthy advocate who assists the patient in following their plan of care as prescribed by health professionals.