Thank you for your interest in West Dallas and giving the gift of your time to the wonderful organizations that Serve Serve West Dallas began in 2009 because the community leaders of West Dallas saw the need for organizations to work together in order to create lasting transformation. To this day, Serve West Dallas continues to respond to the needs of the community in all that we do as we address gaps in services.

That is the thing that drives us…this idea of transformation through collaboration. It’s true that we’re the “backbone” organization in a collective impact non-profit structure as defined by The Stanford Review. But we’re more than our structure or paradigm. There is nothing that gives us more joy than seeing multiple organizations and our West Dallas residents sitting around a table and bringing thought leadership and resources to solve the challenges our community faces.

There’s so much that has been done. And there’s much more that needs to be done.

This is what we do.

We bring West Dallas residents, non-profit thought-leadership, civic leaders, volunteers and resources together so the values of this community can flourish.
We hope that you’ll join with us as we continue to do this work that brings us so much joy.